Our Story

Kyle in the kitchen


Hey there. I'm John, the Founder of Cook With Steel. I love cooking. There's nothing better than inviting some good friends around for great food. I find that when you're sitting around the dinner table, eating delicious food, and are suitably lubricated with wine (or beer)—you'll have some of the best times of your life.

Since I'm always in the kitchen, I'm always looking for a knife that can keep up with me. Having been through dozens of standard store bought knifes, I've realized that these don't cut it (pun intended). 

So, I set about finding exceptional chefs' knives that can handle anything you can throw at them. Many knives and a few years later, I found some that I can honestly say are some of the best knives ever made. Our range of chefs knives have been handmade by some of the best knife makers on the planet. You will see it in the quality of the design and performance.

As we expand our product range, you can be sure that we will follow this mission: Finding professional quality kitchen equipment that can keep up with you when you're preparing that memorable meal for your friends and family.

Enjoy and cook well my friends!