9 Inch High Carbon Stainless Steel Serrated Bread Knife

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Stop smashing your bread. Use this high carbon stainless steel bread knife to effortlessly cut through that fresh-baked bread.

SHARP BLADE: Honed for long-lasting sharpness, the strong serrated blade cuts effortlessly through hard bread crusts. A fabulous choice for any bread and works perfectly for slicing your fresh homemade bread!

NON-STICK COATING STAINLESS STEEL: The potent core of german stainless steel is protected by nonstick coating, which helps prevent food from sticking. Resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration.

ERGONOMIC AND STYLISH: The handle is fabricated with special Monzo wood and features a decorative center mosaic pin that mirrors the beauty of the blade. The smooth handle ensures a secure and supremely comfortable grip.

MULTI-PURPOSE: This 9" serrated bread knife is longer than an ordinary bread knife and is ideal for slicing sourdough bread, bagels, french sticks, toast, cakes, tomatoes, brisket, and more.


  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Blade Size: 9 inch (23 cm)
  • Handle Size: 5.12 inch (13 cm)
  • Blade Material: nonstick coating, stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Monzo wood
  • Package Includes: 9'' serrated bread knife